Our Weight Loss Program Allows You to Eat Well, While Losing Weight & Keeping Your Muscle Mass

Dr. Joseph Esposito

Physician and Certified Nutritionist
Founder of MetaLife System

Dr. Thomas Mercante

MetaLife Provider
MetaLife™ is not just a diet plan...
It's the beginning of a healthy lifestyle!
The MetaLife™ Weight Loss Program is probably different than anything you have ever come across. On the MetaLife program you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight. 

That’s just silliness and bad science. We designed our system with advanced nutritional understandings, but kept it simple and easy to follow.

Many weight loss programs spend large sums of money to develop low calorie boxed foods. The problem is that these boxed diet foods don’t satisfy your hunger and they usually taste horrible. 

With the MetaLife weight loss program you will be eating real food… real food that you prepare at home. MetaLife doesn’t provide boxed foods, we leave that freedom of choice to you.

Its simple really… we show you which types of foods to eat in order to increase nutrition and burn fat. Yes the right foods will actually help you to burn fat! But the secret sauce is to learn how to prevent muscle loss while burning fat. 

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The MetaLife program will give you the knowledge you need to be making the correct food choices so that you will not be losing muscle. We also provide our supplementation packs which will insure that you are getting the right fat-burning nutrients into your body. These nutrients will regulate hormone balance, reduce cravings, boost your metabolism, increase energy and help to maintain your muscle mass.

How Much Weight Loss Can You Expect With MetaLife?

The average MetaLife participant loses 2 to 4 pounds a week or more. This means that over the span of the 90 day MetaLife program, you can expect to lose 24 to 48 pounds. Of course, some people lose less, and some people lose more. Since we are all unique human beings, results will vary from one person to the next. Keep in mind that these losses will primarily be fat loss and not also muscle loss as is the case in so many other diets.
Within 10 to 14 days of starting the program, you will start to notice that your clothes are fitting looser. You will likely also start to see your energy levels increase. This will be all you need to gain confidence in the MetaLife program. This is the point where your MetaLife journey will go into a high powered boost mode!

The MetaLife Team Supports You

MetaLife is a doctor supervised program. The initial step in the program involves an exam where a pin prick type of blood sugar test will be given. We will also perform an InBody®  scan. Contrary to the name of the test, it is completely noninvasive. You stand on the piece of equipment and grip two handheld controls. The instrument will measure the impedance of your body. Through this testing we will determine your body’s percentage of body fat, the amount of dangerous visceral fat that you have around your organs, the percentage of muscle mass and your current metabolic rate. We can then custom design a meal plan that will help you to best accomplish your weight loss goals.

During the 90 day weight loss plan, you will meet with a health coach at the clinic. At these meetings we will review your results and discuss your progress. You will also have access to a weekly support group meeting at the clinic. We also provide online support by adding you to our nationwide, private Facebook group. In this group you can share success stories, share recipes and discuss all things MetaLife. It is a friendly group who are very encouraging to each other.

If You Can Answer "YES" to 4 of these 6 Questions,
Then You May Have a Hormone Imbalance

Are you 25 lbs or more over weight? Have you previously lost weight, but can't keep it off? Have you suffered from chronic fatigue for over 90 days? Have you been dealing with anxiety and/or depression? Are you suffering from chronic pain? Do you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep?

When your hormones are imbalanced, it can be almost impossible to achieve lasting weight loss. The MetaLife Program will show you how to balance your hormones with nutrition, and as a result of this, you will be able to lose weight, and keep it off!

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What to Expect at the Workshop

At the workshop, Dr. Tom will introduce himself and give a 30 minute overview presentation on the MetaLife weight program. He will explain how it works and why it works. His presentation will be followed by a question and answer period. At the conclusion of the event, attendees will receive over 60% off the initial consultation and exam. The workshop is free, but registration is required. Simply complete the registration box above and we will contact you to schedule you at the next workshop.

No More Tasteless, Boxed Diet Foods!

Do these look like diet foods? No way! You will be enjoying delicious, nutritious meals that you can prepare yourself.

The meals pictured above were all prepared by participants of the MetaLife System™

MetaLife Is Comprehensive & Cost Effective
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Most of us have had weight to lose at one time or another. Many of us have tried other diet plans to lose that weight. It is even quite common to lose weight only to put it back on later. The MetaLife weight loss program offers the opportunity to learn how to change your diet which results in an all around healthier lifestyle. MetaLife isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life. To see if MetaLife is right for you, please reserve your spot at our next informational workshop by submitting your information in the box above.

Begin your journey today by completing the form above. Diet failures in the past were not your fault. Learn the facts about proper weight loss, and experience success. You can do this!
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